Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Stakes

I had an amazing moment in the toilets of the Brisbane hotel a few weeks ago. A girl told me I looked hot and I said thanks, to which she said 'i could never pull off a maxi dress,' and i said, 'you totally could pull it off!' and she was like 'really?' and i was like 'yes, really.' And a couple of other girls were checking their hair/makeup etc and started in on the convo and one goes, 'i love what you're doing with your silver bag and matching shoes,' and i said, 'i know, right?! Shame my boyfriend didnt notice!' and she nodded and said wisely, 'it's cos we don't do it for the boys...we do it for the other girls.'
And she's so right. Do you think a (heterosexual) guy notices if you've matched your nail polish to your bag, or your bangles to the splash of colour in your top? Let me assure you, he doesn't. And yet we all primp and preen ourselves to the point of no return and spend thousands of our hard-earned cash on accessories, bags, shoes, etc etc, because we think they make us look hot. And i mean, they do, but who decides if we look hot? The girls do, that's who. Because we are always in this constant competition with each other to look more fashionable, hotter, skinnier, etc, and for what? I mean obviously guys appreciate girls who have their shit together. But they don't notice the intricate details like the colour of your eyeshadow, or the simple earrings you chose because the neckline of your top is the feature of the outfit. These aspects are lost on the males, however are swooped upon by women, and it all happens in the space of about 2 seconds, as you stand in a bar/pub/club and scan the outfit of the girl next to you, quickly identifying the flaws in her attempt at looking fashionable. And it's so stupid because we're only basing our judgement on what we as individuals, like. My new favourite game is the opposite: as I walk to work i check out the styles of other girls walking past me, and if I don't entirely agree with their sense of fashion, I acknowledge it as their choice but i don't diss it because they're entitled to their own style. BUT if I'm digging what they're doing with their getup, I will acknowledge it! Not out loud, obviously, but just a telepathic thumbs up to let them know I support them and think they look good. I really think we need to elevate this to out-loud comments, only nice ones of course - stop competing with each other and checking each other out for flaws. Boys do enough of this, and sometimes not very nicely, so us girls need to embrace each other's beauty for what it is! Seriously, i reckon it would make all of our day if someone stopped us in the street on the way to work and was like, 'i am so loving what you're doing with that outfit.' I mean, who wouldn't like that, right?

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