Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bros before Hoes

Yeah, so am not really a huge fan of the male species atm, so I thought what better topic to dissect in my first blog than the classic struggle between Bros v Hoes, right?
Pretty sure the 'bros' referred to in this instance are usually not in fact, brothers related by blood, but merely close friends of the male species, and they think they sound pretty gangsta when they refer to themselves as bros, well guess what boys, you dont. And you dont do yourself any favours by referring to us ladies as hoes, either.
I just don't get what the deal is with men's need to define relationships with women in terms of how much time they spend with their bros watching footy and getting on the piss?

Now dont get me wrong, I love footy and I also love beer, AND I think it's very important for couples to have their own lives and spend time with their friends outside of being in coupledom. And I do want my partner to have time with his mates. But boys, why the negative connotation about your female counterparts? I mean yes, we value our girlfriends to the very end of the earth and we would probably choose them over you, but we don't go around saying 'Yeah! Chicks before pricks!' Or dicks, for that matter. Although, that sounds way better than Bros before Hoes, and also has two adjectives that are interchangable, which kind of makes me want to start saying it very often.

Let me ask you this, boys. Are your 'bros' going to cook you dinner, give you massages, let you 'dutch oven' them, let you cry in front of them, let you pretend you know how to get somewhere when really you're lost, or have awesome sex with you? I think not. And later on in life, are they going to change the sheets when you've wet the bed, listen to your ramblings, and pull your dentures out when you forget cos you're old and buggered? No, that will actually be us - your wives/missuses/girlfriends. Cos everyone knows women live longer right? or maybe I made that up but whatever, my point is, lads, next time you're heading out for your weekly game of golf/footy/cricket/pub sesh with the boys, just before you leave, kiss your wife/missus/girlfiend passionately. And when she says, 'What was that for?' you reply, 'Nothing, just cos I love you.' And you will make her day.

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